How to make money with direct sales company?

First campaign:  Mommy’s Club

Premium Toxic-Free and Organic Personal Care and Health & Wellness Products all at incredibly retail competitive prices. Join the club to save big! Mommy’s Club is a  direct sales company with a diverse, quality product line. Not only can you buy the products, but you can sell them too for extra income.

Task #1: Setting goals

Your first task is to set some campaign goals. I want you to get a notebook and  create a detailed plan on how many new customers you will contact each month. How many of those customers like learning about new products from representatives? If they by a product, then how much income you will generate each month? Are you likely to  follow-ups with those customers  each month. Think with the end in mind.

Task #2: Be a team player!

I want you to create a blog or  create a website.  Your website should introduce the product to potential customers. Place some banners on your blog and/or website for advertisement. Use social media to get your name out there. For example, post on your Facebook page that you have created a new website to make extra income.  When social media is not enough, ask your social media friends  for referrals to see if they know someone who enjoys natural products.  Work your community by passing  out flyers and business cards. Ask people if you can get their information to set up consultations. Promoting your business will create success every time.

Don’t have the banners for advertisement? Don’t have a blog and/or website ready to go? Well, you are in luck! Contact me to get your ready made blog and banners:


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